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John Haughey & Sons Plumbing

John Haughey & Sons Plumbing has been solving plumbing issues for the area since 1912! With well over 100 years in the industry it’s safe to say we’ve seen just about everything!

Proudly serving the McKeesport, PA and surrounding areas in that time has made Haughey & Sons Plumbing your #1 trusted and reliable plumbing and gas line service company.

We are 5th generation small business owners and we’re not like some of the big box plumbing companies. At John Haughey & Sons Plumbing we give every customer the respect, attention, and customer service they deserve at reasonable prices. We’ve built great relationships over the years with our residential and commercial customers.

Types of payment accepted:

  • American Express
  • Check
  • Discover 
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash
  • We also offer a 0% financing option for 12 months with a Dollar Bank Credit Card.
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If you are looking for a plumbing, gas line, or bathroom remodeling service you can rest assured John Haughey & Sons Plumbing will take care of the project correctly and won’t break the bank. Our services include:

  • General plumbing services.
  • Sewer and drain cleaning.
  • Services and repair of gas lines.
  • Bathroom remodeling and drywall repair.
  • Hot water heater service, repair, and installation.
  • Boiler heater service and repair.
  • Radiator heater service and repair.
  • Replacement, service, and repair of sewer lines.
  • Waterline Repairs and Replacement
  • Dye Testing
  • Backflow Testing

Our History

The company was started in 1912 by the current owners great-great grandfather, Leo Haughey and eventually became John Haughey & Sons. The business has been a staple of McKeesport, PA ever since. John Haughey & Sons Plumbing is currently a 5th generation family owned business.  


Residential Plumbing
Water Heaters
Bathroom Remodeling
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Our Team

Jen Powell

Jen Powell lives in Harrison City, PA with her husband, (and co-owner of John Haughey & Sons Plumbing) Jon. They have a son together, Connor.

She’s been with the business in some capacity on and off for roughly 10-15 years. Jen started back full time with John Haughey & Sons Plumbing in 2019, after a period of time as a teacher. She is a co-owner and the Business Manager. When you call in you will likely hear Jen’s friendly voice greet you on the other end.

When she has free time, Jen enjoys the beach, spending time with Jon and Connor, skiing, crafting, and shopping. Her favorite food is pizza.  

John Haughey

John Haughey has lived in McKeesport for his entire life. He has 2 kids, Niko and Kailey. His title is the Commercial Specialist and he’s also a co-owner of the business.

John has over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, but he’s been involved in the business since he was a young child.

Believe it or not when John isn’t working, he’s still thinking about work…he enjoys it that much! Other activities that John enjoys include, spending time with his kids, beach vacations, watching movies, football, and baseball. Every company needs a little humor and fun, and John is also our all around goofball!

Jon Powell

Jon Powell is married to Jen Powell and the couple lives in Harrison City, PA with their young son, Connor. Jon’s officially been a co-owner of John Haughey & Sons Plumbing since 2021, though he’s played an integral role in the business for many years. He is also the company’s Residential Plumbing Specialist. 

Jon has been doing plumbing work for nearly 20 years.

During his off time, Jon likes to get out to ride his motorcycle, a Harley Davidson. He also likes skiing, football, (especially Steelers football) and spending time with his family. 

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